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I have always doodled as a form of distraction. I used to draw myself in a sort of comic strip style, illustrating my day to day life with a particular emphasis on telling myself off for various things – writing essays late at night, burning cup cakes, that sort of thing. I didn’t search for other artists to get inspired, I just scribbled away on the page corners of whatever notebook in which I was meant to be writing (a French and History degree means you’re meant to do that writing thing a lot).

Anyway, since I moved to France, in September of 2014, I have allowed myself far more time to develop my little alter-ego and and tried to turn my drawings into more of a positive force – hopefully without losing the charm that originally attracted me to pick up the pen. I have invested in decent paper, I finally got myself some decent colour pencils, watercolours and ink pens – can you believe I didn’t actually have any of that stuff?! I am such an idiot.

Last weekend I went to Paris and spent time in Musée de l’Orangerie, seeing Monet’s work and Musée d’Orsay wandering round their exhibition of Bonnard, delving into Joseph Pennell’s ink drawings of France’s cathedrals and marvelling at Degas’ ballerinas.


Strasbourg Cathedral in black in by Joseph Pennell – I completely fell for his lines.


I was pretty happy to see Monet. You can’t tell at all!


The lillies!

It was a bloody brilliant. I bought books on Bonnard, Matisse and Degas, all of whom I love, and have spent this last week drawing and thumbing through for inspiration. My bank balance wasn’t happy, but I certainly was.


Joseph Pennell’s charming chickens

Here are the products of last week’s efforts – I have put more up on my facebook page which can be found here. My new and more colourful alter ego!


My new mini me!


A post-Paris self portrait – just colour pencils and black ink on brown paper.

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